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Feel Free Facelift Technique (FFFT©) is an amazing new technique that lifts and rejuvenates your facial skin while releasing trapped emotions in the body by way of the meridians using diverse emotional liberating techniques at the same time.  It is a practise that frees both physical and emotional pain or just any type of blockage that may be holding one back from moving forward in life.  It has a specific 12-step "self " touch simple approach that involves directing long strokes over the face while at the same time releasing trapped emotions using a mystical ancient balm recipe that includes coconut oil, frankincense and myrrh and more.

The 12-step long stroke technique only takes 5 minutes a day and is recommended to do in the morning before make-up is applied.  After the first 3 days of practise, one will see the face lifting.  The skin will begin to glow and smooth out.  The "Feel Free" releasing aspect will work right away as one sets intent and follows through the sequence of wording. Pains, discomforts, worries, stress, blockages etc. will start to fade away or may be immediately released. 

Feel Free Facelift Technique © 

Course duration:  60 minutes

Group session Sf 100.-/person (2 persons or more)

Private sessions Sf 150.-

Includes a sample of Mystical Balm and Flow Chart



Further courses will be offered:

The course duration is 60 minutes

Each participant receives a sample pot of balm and chart to follow and take home

Course fee is Sf 100.- per person 



Why a long stroke movement on the face? 

Using the fingers to make long strokes on the face creates a gentle pressure on the meridian and chakra points which connect to all parts of the body. This light pressure sends informative messages to the weaker and most vulnerable regions of the body to enable the trapped energies to release and dissipate allowing the healing to take place.  The meridians and chakras are connected to all of our organs, glands, muscles, tissues and skeleton as well as our nervous, circulatory, respiratory and lymphatic systems. By applying long strokes we are touching the meridians and chakras via the face, which not only connects us to our mind, body and spirit, but also stimulates the lymph, automatically lifting the skin and producing a refreshed younger complexion and decreased amount of sagging.  In addition, while doing the treatment in front of the mirror, we naturally see our soul through our eyes which in turn enhances our self love and self worth, making us feel whole and complete.


Why use diverse emotional liberating techniques?

Feel Free Facelift© includes the process of identifying the problem/discomfort (silently or out loud) before eliminating it.  It's like Louise Hay says "If you are going to clean the house, you have to first see the dirt".  Once the "dirt" is acknowledged, we can then release the associated emotions that are the cause (source) of the "dirt".  Other releasing techniques are usually done by tapping on the meridian points of the face, head and body.  FFFT© concentrates only on the face by rather using long strokes with the fingers and both sides of the hands which touches all the meridians and chakras (making it simpler and quicker, of course) and yielding a dual result:  looking much younger and having a physically and emotionally healthy "Feel Free" body! 

Why diverse carrier oils mixed with frankincense and myrrh work so well?

Read more about the ancient balm with FFFT© on our web-site link here;

Looking forward to having you join my course,

With heart & light,


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