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Zoë Henderson is a world-renowned Intuitive Healer, Horse Whisperer, Author, Aromatherapist and founder of two essential oil brands, with an international client base and healing practices in the UK, Dubai and Geneva. For over five decades Zoe has helped provide healing, guidance and comfort to thousands of humans and animals. “My purpose in life is my passion to help those in need of direction, to help those in need of healing.” Zoe Henderson  


Overview: Working through hands-on energetic healing, Zoe intuitively channels guidance from where you are in your life, to fulfilling your life purpose, and much more.


Dates: Monday, Oct. 2- Thursday, Oct. 12th

Times: 9:00 - 18:00 

Duration: 1h per session

Fee:  Sf 150.-




Recommended number of attendees: These sessions work well with 8 to 12 guests

Duration: 2 hours

Date:  Tuesday, Oct. 10th

Time:  18:45 - 20:45

Fee:  Sf 40.-



  • A Healing Circle is an opportunity for a group of individuals to come together for collective meditation and healing. 

  • Meditation tools are used to still the mind and nurture our power within.  

  • During the time we have together, we share our ailments so that the collective energies can be concentrated on the healing of those targeted areas.  We each design a statement of our problem/pain/illness which we would like help with. This statement is taken up into the universe in prayer, thought or meditation to be healed. Collective energy is very powerful, and we will see and feel the results.  

  • After we have completed the collective energy healing, we make a circle with one person sitting in the middle.  Extra consolidated hands-on healing is given to that one person - we rotate this process to every member of the group to receive consolidated hands-on healing.  

  • Throughout the time we have together, I shall also will be doing short but powerful individual targeted hands-on healings. 

  • Whenever I work with a Healing Circle, most attendees who came in with pain leave without it!  


The benefits of joining a Healing Circle: 


  • Checking in: sharing how your particular journey is going.  

  • Learning: harvesting the wisdom of the group. 

  • Community: a way of providing support for people, friendship, dealing with pain or issues, or for distant healing of family members, friends or animals.  

  • Should anyone need individual in-house sessions, we can arrange appointments to come to your home. 



Recommended number of attendees: These workshops work best with around 12/14 people 

Date:  Saturday, October 7th

Duration: 1 full day - 10:00 - 16:00

Fee:  Sf 200.-


Zoë opens this workshop with an introduction to herself and provides the group with an opportunity to introduce each other.  In this workshop Zoë explains what angels are and how to work with them in your daily life.  Zoë will teach the group how to connect with their own angels and how to heal themselves using their energies.  Practical exercises include angel meditations and chakra healings.  The workshops are each one full day and very interactive. The energies generated at the workshops are amazing to experience. You don't need any experience or psychic abilities, you just need to bring a sense of curiosity, fun and an open mind.




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