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Christa Etienne Young



Theta Sound Therapy


What is it for??

     ---To clear out emotional traumas
     ---To clear out allergies


My Approach


My Approach to theta healing is to use top sound wave frequencies designed by specialized sound engineers in order to slow down brain waves and tune into theta brain wave frequencies as much as possible and then to tap into the subconscious mind and change one's belief systems on a cellular level (DNA).  To do this to start,  both I and the client hydrate our bodies by drinking water to charge the field.  I then cleanse both  of our fields of unified energy. Both the client and I wear head phones listening to monaural or isochronic beats of sound frequencies during the process.  With permission and universal guidance, I take on the field of the client and then I muscle test using my body to see if the client is holding on to any past trauma subconsciously or if they are holding on to allergies depending of course on what the client is coming to work on.  I then make statements isolating their subconscious beliefs and when not in congruence, I correct them through the quantum field.  If there is too much resistance, I go into a theta state of altered consciousness and then correct the belief directly.  Healing past traumas helps for a person to move forward in their lives that they no longer mirror it again in other forms.  Removing an allergy is permanent and may work instantly.  Especially effective with animal allergies.


Sessions are Sf 120.-  (60 minutes)




The Art of Healing Centre
16, rte. de Colovrex
1218 Grand Saconnex
Tel.  0041 (0) 79 200 8532

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