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"Transcend to Theta & Transform your Life"


A one evening course that will be held on

 Thursday, May 7th




Christa Etienne Young


This course is about moving safely into yet a deeper level of consciousness 

called the "Theta" level.  This is the state of consciousness

that unites us very closely to the source where

when we alter our thoughts positively & amplify them,

we attract a magnitude of change.  

Once activated at this level, our desires become fulfilled 

& reinforced by visually transcribing the DNA to remove the negativity 

& then transmute the cellular bonds positively. 

This is achieved by a simple meditative technique taught 

to slow down the brain waves enough to reach the 

Theta level, then to express & expand one's desires, 

transmute the DNA & return. 

 Learn specifically how to bring

better health in your life,

 better relationships,

more abundance,

Learn how to remove fear & limitation, 

Etc., etc., etc.

(no prior meditation experience is required, though recommended)


Course fee:  Sf 80.-

Please respond by e-mail.




The Art of Healing Centre

16, rte. de Colovrex

1218 Grand Saconnex

Tel.  0041 (0) 79 200 8532




Le Coin du Coeur

The Art of Healing Centre

Alternative Therapies
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       The Art of Healing Centre

         16, rte de Colovrex

         1218 Grand Saconnex

         Geneva, Switzerland

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