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Christa Etienne Young



The Body Code System


This system complements the Emotion Code in going deeper down to the actual causes of illness in the areas of:

Pathogens, structural imbalances, nutritional balances, circuitry imbalances, toxicity, energies, organ/gland connections and trapped emotions.


Through muscle testing, the cause of the ailment becomes determined and then becomes corrected with a magnet by moving it over the governing meridian of the body or over a portion of the governing meridian if doing it at a distance or over a surrogate person as with the Emotion Code.  Using 118 different Body Code Charts, one can narrow down the ailment as the body tells us what is the true cause, where it is located in the body and what kind of remedy would be necessary for the correction or it just happens automatically during the clearing process.  Thereafter, based on the answers from the body and how it responds, homeopathic remedies may be prescribed or a change in nutrition may be necessary or possibly a complementary therapy would be suggested by the body.  Trapped emotions from trauma, addictive heart energies and many other blockages from a person's history may come up and be released immediately or within a period of time when the processing goes on depending on that particular person.



What to expect during a session?

My Approach:


  • My approach of using the Body Code System is to work directly with the client by sharing their field of energy with mine.  This enables me to muscle test more accurately since I can sense better my body through intuition and experience.  I protect both the client and myself by cleansing the unified field.  The client and I then both hydrate our bodies by drinking water to charge the electrical field.  With permission and universal guidance, I request and get the answers through my body as to what are the causes of an illness on all levels being physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual.  Whether it would be a trapped emotion, an imbalance, or the necessity to improve the immune system, I would correct and clear the energy blockage by waving a magnet over part of my governing meridian and also when necessary, over the full governing meridian of the client.  The process allows me to remove blockages from the past, before birth, from ancestors and past lives as I identify when they occurred.  Through a sequence,  my body removes ailments of the client by priority.  After a session, I wait to see how the client is doing within the first 24-48 hours.  One session may be all it takes.   Follow-up sessions may be proposed at a distance for convenience or in person only if necessary.



  •  Sessions in person are Sf 160.-  1 hr. 15 mins.

   *    Subsequent follow-up sessions in person are Sf 140.-  60 mins

   *    Full sessions in person (children -12yrs)   Sf 100.-  60 mins

   *    First Full session on Skype  Sf 150.- 1 hr. 15 mins

   *    Subsequent Skype sessions   Sf 125.- 60 mins

   *    Sessions at a distance;

        - Energetic realignments and entity clearing  Sf 125.- 60 mins




          Le Coin du Coeur

          The Art of Healing Centre

          16, rte de Colovrex

          1218 Grand Saconnex


          Tel.  0041 79 200 8532



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