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Christa Etienne Young



Integral Quantum MedicineTM


Integral Quantum Medicine is a technique that allows us to tap into XEN energy (spiritual or heart mind energy) which is 7 times greater than Qi "Chi" energy (universal life force) and 50 times greater than Jing energy (the earth's electromagnetic field).  This system works through muscle testing using the "O-Ring"  (Omura Ring) which is the finger/thumb connection to access the XEN.  This method uses  a Metaphysical Flow chart to test the skeleton, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, circulatory systems, energetic systems, lymphatic , neurological, respiratory, digestive, endocrine, urinary and reproductive systems as well as the blood, skin, parasites, infection and psychic problems.  The system works by clearing the ailment and also by quantifying the energy.  First the connection is made by muscle testing to be sure that the person accepts and is ready for the treatment.  By placing the finger of the opposite hand into the Omura ring, one can test the strength or resistance.  If it does not release after many pulls, then I would determine how much correction is necessary using mathematical figures.  For example  If the energy was in excess (like with tumors or growths), I would ask beginning from 1-10, then increments of 10's, and then 10 squared, 10 to the 3rd power, then 10 to the 4th power and so on.  Then the process of correction would be to:  Degenerate & disintegrate structure.  When I get then the final answer, I would then diminish the strength backwards down to zero.  If it were the opposite; as to how much was lacking (as in degenerative arthritis), I would start with numbers 1-10, and then increments of 10's, then 10 squared, then 10 to the third power etc.  Then the process of correction would be to: Regenerate & rejuvenate structure.  This technique goes even further as it tests  also for microcosmic, intrinsic and macrocosmic levels of existence.  This may be the right technique for someone who has tried everything already without success.  The microcosmic levels work beyond the quantum as in quarks, anti-quarks, leptons, hadrons, anti-matter, glueons and superstrings.  The intrinsic levels work with the 5 elements, physical, meridians, chakras, etheric, auric, astral, mental, causal, interconnection to source and god.  And the macrocosmic levels work with Jing, Qi, Xen, interconnection to source and god.  I would have to say that if there are any entities blocking your world, IQM would release them!


I use this technique regularly on my body when I have a pain while running and doing sports.  Just after a fall, or any accident, I just tap my finger into the ring of my other hand incessantly and within seconds the pain disappears and no bruises or scars remain.  


Sessions of 60 mins:  Sf 120.-



          Le Coin du Coeur

          The Art of Healing Centre

          16, rte de Colovrex

          1218 Grand Saconnex


          Tel.  0041 79 200 8532




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