Practitioners & Healing Modalities

Christa Etienne Young
--Feel Free Facelift Technique©
--The Emotion & Body CodeSystems®
--Theta Therapies
--Integral Quantum MedicineTM
Manu Khullar
--The Reconnection®
--The Body MirrorSystem®
--Breaking the Habit
--Emotional Freedom Technique
Erik Zoeteweij
--Emotional Freedom Techniques
--Tension, Stress & Trauma Release          Exercises
Shelagh Probst
--Electromagnetic Field Therapy
--Emotional Freedom Techniques

Suzanne D'offay De Rieux 

MBACP Accredited & Registered

--PSYCH-K® Facilitation

--PSYCH-K® Health & Wellbeing

Anne Macnabb Nadjafi


--Wellness Coach

--3-Day Detox

Nicole Maoual 

Registered Nurse &

Massage Therapist


--Kahuna massage

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