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Please send an e-mail specifying your request for a Private Session, Workshop or Stress Busters Course specifying the name of the facilitator and event date to:

Thank you!

Other Sound Immersion Sessions


Fiona Black

Understand the power of sound in improving health and well-being. Hear consciously designed music pieces that are created to promote relaxation by inducing an altered state of consciousness, calm the nervous system, enhance profound deep relaxation and allow the body's innate ability to heal itself....


Some of the Comments I got were,

"My body felt so much lighter like I was floating"
"My hands were feeling really hot and had a tingling sensation"
"Feeling energised"

Space is limited to 10 people
Please fill in the contact form for dates

and private sessions  



Fiona Black, Certified Therapeutic Sound Therapy Practitioner & Holistic health Coach


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