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Christa Etienne Young

About Me


I have been searching for the last 25 years for new approaches of alternative healing through body, mind & spirit while teaching extensively many methods of meditation & visualization. Having trained and studied extensively attending courses worldwide,  I initially attained my Mastership in Usui & Wei Chi Reiki and moved further on to practise Integrative Quantum Medicine TM.  I am using now the Emotion Code® & Body Code Systems TM since the last two years and have witnessed amazing results. I have discovered that when working through the quantum field, one can access information that can lead us to choosing the right modalities necessary for our individual healing & then to simply implement them.  I have intuitively added specially engineered sound frequencies in my work which has enhanced the outcome of healings transforming the DNA on a cellular level.   I continue my teachings of meditation, visualization, chakra balancing, theta work, unique divination and always enjoy organising retreats either in Switzerland, Italy or Spain. Among my mentors, I have been fortunate to share the wisdom of Dr. Bernie Siegel, Deepak Chopra, Barbara Ann Brennan, Carl Simonton, Caroline Myss & Dr. Bradley Nelson.   Locally,  I have trained with the English Speaking Cancer Support Group and have run many charity events.  Within other community institutions, I have created support groups for the bereaved, single parents, for the lonely and families in distress.  As a meditation instructor, benevolent worker and experienced active student/teacher in this field, I have now reached the point of opening up "Le Coin du Coeur", The Art of Healing Centre with a vision to share the invaluable information that our devoted practitioners have to offer.


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