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Anne Macnabb

Yoga, Nutrition & Wellness Coach


Anne is a fitness and wellness coach and has over 25 years of experience in the Swiss Romande area. Her education includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, certifications and diplomas in Yoga, Personal Training and Fitness, Coaching, Nutrition and Massage Therapy.  She is a Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher for 500 hours and for Training Teachers in Continuing Education. She has been a Manager at Harmony Fitness, a senior teacher and trainer at Yogalife International, contributed to corporate wellness projects for the past 25 years and was a Project Coordinator in the United Nations Department of Humanitarian Affairs. She is passionate about helping individuals reach their highest potential and is dedicated to attaining and maintaining fulfilment and happiness in every aspect of life.

Anne has contributed to corporate wellness projects in WHO, WMO, IFRC, ITC, WTO, HSBC, P&G, EBU, IEU, JTI and other smaller organisations in and around the Geneva Area.

Yoga Private and Semi-Private Sessions and "get started with exercise" sessions
Individuals or small groups interested in private instruction can contact Anne for a session in the Coin du Coeur on Monday afternoons. 

Sessions can include breathing techniques, alignment and improvement of posture, special needs and yoga therapy to help students prevent and heal injuries.  Anne can also give strategies for a daily routine, meditation/mindfulness and relaxation.
Price:  CHF 120. for an individual session (one person)
              CHF 180. total for two to three students 
              CHF 200. total for four to five students (maximum 5 students)
Please contact Anne directly at

Nutritional Coaching

If you are struggling to find the right nutritional fit for you, perhaps I can help. Three times per year I will launch programmes to re-establish healthy eating habits. And if you have nutritional restrictions or philosophies (vegetarian or other), EVERYTHING can be tailored to meet your requirements.


Using the Precision Nutrition Programme, you receive new habits to establish to bring you to your goals.

A WhatsApp group to give reminders, resources, scientific studies to support the reasons for the habits, and a once per week a Zoom meeting with me and the others in the group to help coach you on your progress.


Join the next 12-week intensive nutrition and wellness programme:

Starting 4 January 2021

Coaching Sessions starting Monday, 11 January 19h00

Ending on 29 March 2021

Sign up to join the Coaching Programme:

You must have a 30 minute starter session with me (included in the price)– either on Zoom or in-person –

Included!  Weekly Zoom group coaching meetings Mondays, 19h00 

These meetings usually last between 30 mins and 1 hour.  Each week we look at progress, where the challenges are and a new habit formation technique.  If you miss a coaching session they can be recorded and sent to you within the week.


For more information please consult

or Contact:
Anne Macnabb Nadjafi
078 662 4445

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